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Paysolve - Payroll Software

Real Time Information - RTI

RTI is the new Real Time Information project from HMRC which all employers in the UK must join by April 2013.

According to the HMRC, this is the biggest change to the PAYE system since it was introduced in 1944.

PDMS is part of a pilot project involving 300 employers and 35 software developers which runs from April 2012 to October 2012.

Paysolve – Payroll Software

Paysolve is a full payroll administration system, maintained to HMRC standards, and suitable for organisations with 100 to 15,000+ employees.

It can be deployed in whatever manner suits your needs:

Payroll Bureau

Payroll Bureau - powered by Paysolve: offers a cost-effective online Payroll system that is easy to setup and use providing electronic payslips on a weekly basis.

  • Electronic payslips
  • Full reporting; NIC, PAYE & history
  • Powered by PDMS Paysolve
  • Maintained to HMRC specification

Click here to see PDMS Payroll Bureau in action at Marston's

Paysolve - Payroll Software

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With over 30 years’ experience in the payroll market, PDMS can provide you with a payroll software system tailored to your business needs.

This comprehensive package covers a wide range of environments and is used across many business sectors including manufacturing, contracting, education, brewing, car-dealerships and service. Paysolve is a full payroll administration system from PDMS and maintained to HMRC specifications. Paysolve has been in use and supported for more than 30 years by major organisations.

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Paysolve is HMRC recognised for EOY (End of Year) and In-year Filing via Internet Channel with full functionality for:

  • Multiple payrolls
  • Benefits
  • Deductions
  • Statutory payments
  • Holiday pay
  • Flexible shifts
  • Supplementary pay integrated with various HR, Time & Attendance and Timesheet systems
  • Pays wages/salaries for organisations with 100 to 15,000+ employees

If you would like more information about Paysolve or Real Time Information (RTI) then we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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Our Paysolve Customers

PDMS's Paysolve customers include Lookers, Telent & Swansea Metropolitan University.

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